Partners & Sponsors

Due to the traumatic nature of receiving the news that a family member is suffering from a life-limiting illness or injury, patients and families are in need of medical and emotional support and guidance in coming to terms with the impact that the diagnosis has on their lives and relationships. Because of a lack of knowledge regarding Hospice care related oncology pain and symptom management, people affected by a life-limiting illness or injury have pain and symptoms that are often not controlled.  Consequently their quality of life is hampered and they are deprived of the right to pass on with dignity.  In this light there is a great need for an extensive Hospice care program both in terms of Community Based and In-Patient Care.

As an organization which receives no state subsidy, we strive to maintain financial stability through long-term, sustainable fundraising programmes.  We have a two pronged income generating system where our Hospice Care Program partially supports itself through Medical Aid and self-paying patients.  The sad fact is that the majority of our patients have exhausted their funds and rely on the Hospice for financial assistance.  We can only manage this through continuous public and corporate support of our various service and fundraising programmes.  We are proud of the fact that we have a thriving Charity Shop on our premises, which is supported by a corps of volunteers.

The shop depends on public donations of second-hand goods. The marketing of the Charity shop is currently reliant on word-of –mouth and social media.  The Charity shop raises a large part of our monthly income.  This is supplemented by a tea garden, various fund raising events and individual or corporate donations.  Should we lose any of these financial  components, we will be not be able to cover our expenses.  Continuous appealing is therefore a critical part of our financial survival.

You can help as follows:

  1. On a corporate level – Your financial support will enable us to continue on and improve our service to our community.
  2. On an individual level – by signing a debit order of only R200-00 a month makes a huge difference towards giving us the opportunity to add quality of life to all our patients.
  3. Any donations in kind of books, furniture, clothing and whatever is clogging up your living space, helps us to generate those much needed funds required to provide help.